Mudheytong Gallery was founded by two Hong Kong artists working in the field of ceramic arts. Coco and Karen have called their gallery Mud - Hey – Tong meaning clay, ware and space. This gallery is a space dedicated to ceramic arts education and the exhibition of ceramic arts.  
Central to Mudheytong's philosophy is a belief that the unexpected sparks creativity. That new people, ideas and spaces nurture the evolution of the artistic practice. 

Mudheytong has a dual mission. 
To encourage artists with a space to explore their ceramic concepts via residencies, workshops, studio facilities and gallery facilities. To engage with the wider community and promote public awareness of the ceramic arts by running ceramic courses, staging public events, lectures and local and international artist exhibitions. Local and international artists can utilise our workshop and facilities. This will ensure local artists are aware of, and challenged by international developments and trends. This interaction between local and international artists will advance the local ceramic art environment and increases its international relevance. 


In a city with limited economic gallery space, our gallery enables the promotion of contemporary ceramic art and, the showcasing the work of local and international ceramic artists. 
We are committed to encouraging the community to experience ceramic art. Our outreach programmes work closely with the wider community and run external courses for schools, youth groups and community groups. 
Our “hands on” studio-based workshops teach individuals, groups and corporates ceramic art skills. We encourage people to “open up and destress”. To connect and explore their natural talent in this ancient art form. 
At a corporate level we facilitate teams to develop new skills outside the traditional office-based environment. This leads to the strengthening of the team’s bonds and working relationships on return to the office. 


We have been commissioned by restaurants and shops to develop and produce unique ranges of ceramic ware. Often this work involves developing ceramic ware around a company’s brand or identity.

Mudheytong Gallery, Hong Kong’s new home for ceramic arts.